Welcome to the Sheepish Podcast! This will be a podcast about knitting (naturally), but I’m also going to talk about life – what’s making me happy and what’s not (which, right now is the NHL). I will try to podcast each week, as long as life allows it and, if I can convince/bribe my friends, I hope to occasionally have guest-hosts. Who wants to join me??

Every podcast seems to have a theme of how things will go, so this one will be no different… for now. 🙂 Each week I’ll cover:

  • What’s on my needles (just what I’m currently working on)
  • Finished objects!
  • What’s new to the queue
  • What’s been sent to the bin
  • What’s new to the stash
  • What’s making me happy this week.

Sounds simple, no? 🙂 Let’s see how it goes. Once I record, I’ll need to upload the video to somewhere – blip.tv seems to be the site of choice for most bloggers, but their “application” to produce seems a little too much. Eventually, I want to get the podcast on iTunes, but first things first. I’ll probably use blip or Vimeo to host for awhile and use that to feed iTunes. (Does anyone have any thoughts/experience with either?) Perhaps I’ll upload to YouTube as well, but that I’m a little iffy about. We’ll see. I’ll embed the video here and include show notes for each week as well, in case you want to get your hands on what I’m knitting/buying/making me happy.

I can’t wait to hear feedback! I can be reached via email as sheepishpodcast AT gmail DOT com, via Ravelry as knitgirl, via Twitter as sheepishpodcast, and via Plurk as sheepishpodcast. (I’m still not sure how to use Plurk yet and if it’s a better option than Twitter, but I’m trying it out.)

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