Episode 1: Wait, How Do I Do This?

Wow, this ended up being a much longer episode than I had expected, but that could be due to the stash enhancement… Next week should be MUCH shorter. Thanks for watching!

On the Needles/Current Roster   (I haven’t decided just what to call it yet…)

  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. Knit out of Another Crafty Girl‘s Strong Sock yarn in the Mel colorway (from Flight of the Conchords). If you don’t know Sarah’s yarns, you need to take a look! They are gorgeous. I am using US1.5 (2.5mm) Signature 6″ DPNs with the Stiletto tips. This pattern is a wonderful mindless knit – without getting boring!
  • Owls by Kate Davies. Knit out of Plucky Knitter Bulky in the Narraganset Grey colorway (which is more of a blue, really). I am using US10.5 Addi Turbo needles and adding length to the pattern. I forgot to say this, but I am a bad knitter and am not alternating skeins. Bad knitter, no cookie.

Finished Objects/Alumni Roster

What’s New to the Queue/Scouting Roster

  • Nothing new this week – I really need to get the Ravelry queue under control.

To the UFO Bin/Sent Back to the Minors

  • Arm Candy by Amy Herzog. Knit out of Miss Babs Yowza! Whatta Skein! in the Teal colorway (no clue what the actual name is). I don’t know what my mental block is with this yarn, but there is one… Must break through the mental block.

What’s New to the Stash/Just Signed 

I visited Windy Knitty in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood at the beginning of the month… Oh my, a gorgeous shop and lots of stash enhancing went on there. My bank account was crying when I left. Always the sign of a good yarn expedition. 🙂

Book and Magazine Review/Scouting Report 

  • Nothing this week, there should be something next week, though!

What’s Making Me Happy 

  • I got a promotion! Woot!!
  • MadTosh Magnolia Society Sweater Club
  • Gap’s return policy. Thank goodness I can return online merchandise in the stores with so little hassle!
  • Starbucks hot chocolate. Om nom nom. Just a few more weeks ’til Gingercrack, though! 😉

What’s NOT Making Me Happy 

  • The NHL. *sigh* I love me some hockey and it’s looking like we’re not going to get a full season. Makes me a sad panda.

Let me know what you think! Email me at sheepishpodcast AT gmail DOT com; my Twitter handle is @sheepishpodcast; my Plurk handle is sheepishpodcast (though I have no clue how to use it); and I can be reached on Ravelry as knitgirl.

4 thoughts on “Episode 1: Wait, How Do I Do This?

  1. an entertaining first episode!!! looking forward to future ones. don’t panic about getting videos sent out for a particular time/day. record as suits you

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