Episode 3: Technology Hates Me

Hi! After the eleventy-billion tries at recording (okay, maybe just 5 or 6 times), I finally got it done. I haven’t really edited the video, so there could be issues, but I’m hoping there aren’t. I’m not sure I can take more technology issues. I’ve also tried a new lighting and seating set up, so let me know what you think.

It looks like when I put my mind to it – or just don’t enhance the stash all that much – I actually can record a video under 30 minutes! Yay! Show notes are sparce, but they are below:

Welcome to everyone who’s joined the Ravelry group this week!

Current Roster 

  • Owls sweater by Kate Davies. I’m into ball #3 and am about 1-2″ from separating the front and the back. I’m hoping to have that done and a sleeve started by next week! Still not alternating yarn – I’ve gotten really lucky. I’ll do it if I need to, but if not…
  • Simple Stripey Socks, my own pattern. Knit out of Vesper Sock yarn in the “In The Wildwood” colorway. These have been pulled out of UFO status and upgraded to HO status (Half-finished Object, according to Katie at Knittin’ on the Fly, lol). I’m knitting these on 2 Addi Turbo Lace needles, 24″, in a US1 (2.5mm – Addi has odd numbers for their US1 and US2s). I knit the first one while teaching a couple toe up sock classes and put the toe down and haven’t gotten back to it. These will be on my feet by the end of the year.
  • Buckingham Hat by Bobbi Intveld for Blue Sky Alpacas. Knit out of Blue Sky Alpacas Royal Alpaca Petites in the Antique Black colorway. (Wow, the pattern alone is $9?! I’m glad I got it with 2 balls of the yarn…) Knit on a 20″ Addi Turbo, US2 (3.0 mm). This is from the kit I got at the Yarn Garden in Carlisle last week. This will be a late birthday gift/early Christmas gift for the guy.

Alumni Roster 

  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks! Hooray! I actually finished these right after recording last week, and so wanted to wear them, but I saved them for the podcast. Now I can wear them tomorrow… if it’s cold enough. It’s been weirdly warm the last couple of days.

Scouting Report/New to the Queue 

  • I’m planning on knitting 4 monsters from The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger for 4 very special little guys.

What’s Making Me Happy 

  • A very big thank you to AnnetteK18 on Ravelry who gifted me a pattern this past week. Her RAOK made my day after a very stressful beginning to a week!
  • Happy belated birthday to Renee, lipsral on Ravelry!
  • Warby Parker glasses. I just ordered these! Love, love, love! I can’t wait to get these in my hands! (Or on my face…)

Let me know what you think! Email me at sheepishpodcast AT gmail DOT com; my Twitter handle is @sheepishpodcast; my Plurk handle is sheepishpodcast; and I can be reached on Ravelry as knitgirl.

Have a great week!

xo, Holly

One thought on “Episode 3: Technology Hates Me

  1. hello Holly, I have watched all episodes thus far and enjoyed them.
    The owl sweater is lookinggood, and love the socks. Colours pop out well
    I have friended you on Plurk my id is knitcroc
    take care,

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