Episode 4: Chatty, Chatty, Chatty

This week wasn’t a great week for me in general, but I did get some knitting done! It’s amazing what just letting yourself zone out through Doctor Who will do…

Current Roster 

  • Owls Sweater by Kate Davies. (No, I still haven’t made a project page in Ravelry yet, bad me!) Lots of progress has been made this week, thanks to watching podcasts and Doctor Who! The first sleeve has taken the majority of a skein of yarn, which means the second will take the same… which leaves me with a skein and a half to do the yoke and owls. Eek! Plucky Knitter is having an update today, but I don’t get paid until Friday. Boo. Ah well, if I need to, I’ll hit up a Rav destash.
  • Buckingham Hat by Blue Sky Alpacas. It’s at almost the same place it was last week – because there was ripping that had to be done. There’s a weird rib pattern that if it didn’t leave a weird broken rib (broken by an inch or so of stockinette stitch), would have been great. However, since I didn’t want to have to figure out how to fix it, I ripped back to the second rib and will extend that up the rest of the hat. It’s living in my Yarn Pop Gadgety bag. (At least, I think that’s what it is…)
  • Simple Stripey Socks. I’m only a few more stripes along, but that’s mostly because Owls has taken all of my spare time. A few people have asked what bag I’m keeping them in and here you go: the Piddly bag from Piddleloop. Love their stuff!!

Alumni Roster 

Nothing new to add here… not yet, at least. Soon…

Scouting Report 

I’ve got a crazy idea to join in the KAL for the Beatnik sweater. It’s a KAL hosted by Emily of the Whatcha Swatchin’ podcast and Allison of the Hollywood Knitter podcast. It starts on Thanksgiving and ends in January… Crazypants idea, right? Who knows…

What’s Making Me Happy 

  • Thanksgiving! I get to make my super-delicious turkey (thanks, Nigella Lawson!).
  • Short work weeks!
  • LOVE, love, love my new glasses! Super fast shipping can’t be beat!
  • Furry co-host interruptions… You finally get to meet George. Yeah, I’m a crazy cat mom. 🙂 He’s my boy, though, and he picked me – I can’t ever forget that.
  • I’ll be helping out at fibre space on Black Friday! If you’re shopping in Old Town, stop by!

Have a great week, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!

Let me know what you think! Email me at sheepishpodcast AT gmail DOT com; my Twitter handle is @sheepishpodcast; my Plurk handle is sheepishpodcast; and I can be reached on Ravelry as knitgirl.

Have a great week!

xo, Holly

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