Episode 8: … And a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! We are up to 69 members in the Ravelry group – who knew? Thank you for all the support these past few episodes… I’d love to know how you found out about the podcast. Let me know in the show thread on Rav or here in the comments. When I started this, I never thought I’d have 10 viewers, much less 69 (and viewers all over the globe)! If/When we get to 100 members, I think we will have a prize drawing. I’ll dig into my stash and find something fabulous for the winner! Hopefully, we’ll get there sooner rather than later. 🙂

Current Roster 

  • Célia by Ariane Caron-Lacoste. Since finishing up other projects, this is the only thing I’ve been knitting on for the past day or so – I’ve been knitting on it to the point of my hands hurting! Oops. It’s kind of tedious right now, with all of the stitches and stockinette stitch knit flat, however, I’m close to casting on for the front and joining in the round, thank goodness!

Alumni Roster 

  • Unnamed Slouchy Hat – my own design. I had to rip out the decreases twice to get them right, but I’m still unsure about the hat, as it’s still too snug for what I was looking for. I’ll try knitting it in a different needle size and maybe play with the numbers before I bribe friends to test knit it.
  • Tabata Mitts by Anne Hanson. These were a quick knit – I started them on Christmas and finished them on the 28th! (I gave my hands time to rest.) They don’t match exactly, but I’m okay with that, since they’re for me. These were knit up in Berroco Vintage DK on US2.5 (3.0mm) and US3 (3.25mm) needles.

Scouting Report 

There was lots of stash enhancement – and all accidental, I promise!

  •  Canon Hand Dyes William Self Striping Yarn in the Vintage Christmas colorway. There was some other stash enhancing here, but it hasn’t shipped yet. 😉
  • Another Crafty Girl Strong Sock in the Kermit the Frog colorway (SO happy I scored this!); two skeins of Twinkle Sock in the Christmas Tree Lot and Two Sizes Too Small colorways (based on my two favorite Christmas cartoons: A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! – WOOT!)
  • Cloudlover SW Merino/Nylon in the Haunted Vineyard colorway (the colorway featured in The Knitgirllls Knit and Spin Along awhile ago – LOVE); Falkland/Bamboo Sock in Gingerbread; and the first installment in the fiber club. OMG. Gorgeous. I need to spin more.

2013 Goals 

  • Knit from stash more, which means more sweaters and a ton more socks. (Heaven knows I have enough sock yarn, lol.)
  • Be more intentional about my purchasing – it doesn’t mean that I won’t buy just because it’s pretty, but most of my spending will have a purpose.
  • Improve my spindle spinning AND take lessons on wheel spinning. See if I can rent a wheel, then if I like it, buy one.
  • Get the stash (that’s in the house, at least) photographed and on Ravelry.
  • Wrangle the stash that’s in the house! Hopefully, I’ll be purchasing a cabinet with doors for this purpose. (The stash in the shed can wait.)
  • Design more!!!
  • Plurk more!
  • Exercise more – start scheduling it with a friend.
  • Learn to say no more often.
  • Learn to relax and/or pamper myself more when I have the chance.
  • Read more. I just haven’t had time to read this year and I miss it. Suggestions? I’ll be using my Goodreads account to keep track.
  • Find a healthy balance between work/home/life.

Have a great week – if you go out tonight, be safe! Have fun! Happy New Year y’all!

xo, Holly

2 thoughts on “Episode 8: … And a Happy New Year!

  1. sorry, but I had to stop after only one minute 😦 there was background as if a vacuum cleaner was being used.
    hopefully, audio will be ok next time,

    • I didn’t notice that when editing and haven’t heard it from anyone else yet… I’ll take another listen, though, and see what I can do about the audio! Thanks!

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