Episode 10: Still Kind of Bite-Sized

Hi everyone! So, you know how I said that when we reach 100 members, we were going to have a prize drawing?? Guess what? WE ARE AT 100 MEMBERS!!!! Yeah, I’m just a bit excited, can you tell? I’m a woman of my word – so there is a prize drawing in today’s episode… but I saved it until the end and I’m not posting who won here just yet. If they’re reading this, I want them to be surprised. 🙂 So, prize winner, when you find out, PM me your information on Rav and I’ll get you the prize yarn!

Current Roster 

  • Célia by Arianne Caron-Lacoste. Progress has finally been made and I’m finally in the round. I just added the second ball of yarn in an inch or so ago and while I can see line of demarcation, I’m not going to rip back. Nope. I’ve only got a few more increases to go before I separate the sleeves from the body, which will be a relief. By the time I get to that point there will be 400+ stitches on the needles. It’ll go faster once I’m just dealing with the body.
  • Celestarium by Audry Nicklin. I’m still on Charts E – there are 4 of them in the round. Each round takes a fair amount of time to get around, but I am still loving this. I’m not going to finish this in time for the fibre space knitalong’s end on January 31, but I’m okay with that. I’ll have a beautiful shawl.
  • Simple Stripey Socks… Again. I needed a project to mindlessly knit on during last night’s opening game between the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning, so I went stash-diving with my mom’s help. 🙂 She ultimately chose the yarn I should knit, which is absolutely lovely. I’m magic looping this on US1.5 (2.5mm) 32″ Hiya Hiya Sharps. I love the cable on these. The yarn is Hiwassee Creek Dyeworks‘ Sassafras Sock in the Winter Wonderland colorway.

Scouting Report 

The final part of my Canon Hand Dyes order finally came! Two skeins of the Charles Merino Sock Yarn in the William and Lady Mary colorways. Yes, they’re Downton Abbey colors – with stitch markers to match!! I am trying very hard to not order more… but wouldn’t a skein of Daisy knit with William look lovely? *sigh*

What’s Making Me Happy 

Thanks for the shoutouts from Renna & Joe from The Knitiots! They’re a brand new podcast – give them a listen! Also, thanks for the shoutout from Megan & Amy of the Stockinette Zombies! (Is it just me who squees a bit when I see podcasters that I watch give me a shoutout?)

HOCKEY IS BACK. That is all. Okay, my guys didn’t do so well yesterday, but HOCKEY IS BACK.

Have a great week, everyone! If you have a three day weekend, enjoy! Me, I don’t get one. However, I did make new knitters, new cable-rs and new sock knitters this weekend, so life’s still pretty darn good.

xo, Holly

2 thoughts on “Episode 10: Still Kind of Bite-Sized

  1. Oooh do NOT get me started on the entire issue of “minions” especially this past week! I only started saying “minions” and such because of Despicable Me and the little yellow things flooding the crafty scene out here. The customer of mine obviously didn’t see or know of the movie from the total and complete over reaction and rant she posted on my business page. So when you mentioned it in the episode, it made me think that perhaps a lot of the viewers are familiar with that movie and secondly are just more defensive on the entire “minion” issue.
    There was no whistle like noise this time when you recorded so it was either the camera or something else, as I had the same sort of problem when I recorded since I have to do it on my note book. Congratulations on reaching 10 episodes!! Give your furry baby some loving from this cat nut please! 🙂

  2. I don’t know if you know this since I’m watching January episodes in July but when I got to the 25ish minute mark the video was not in sync with the sound. Loved it anyway!

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