Episode 18: Meet the ‘Bug!

Hi everyone! So, it’s been awhile, right? Things have been busy (and stressful) around Chez Sheepish the last few weeks, but that means that lots of knitting has gone on… along with a bit of shopping as well. I really should have named this the all enabling episode. I had a really good excuse for some of it, though – because, as you might be able to tell from the episode title, I got a new wheel! (Well, new to me, but I know that she was well loved in her old home.) I have spent the last few days spinning on her, getting used to her feel. (Yes, I decided that she’s a girl.)

Current Roster 

  • Lacy Batwing Top by Brooke Nico. I haven’t worked on this too much in the last couple weeks, but I did get to the third repeat in the chart. There are a total of 9 that need to be done… that’s going to be over 600 stitches. Have I lost my ever-loving mind?
  • Bondi Socks by me. So I started this to knit along with my Top Down Socks class at fibre space – well the class ended Sunday and I haven’t finished my sock. They finished theirs, though, so that’s a good thing!
  • Allons-y! socks by me. I sent the pattern out to my test knitters after having done math at 1am. Yeah, that meant I needed to knit through the heel so I could figure out what I had calculated wrong. I dropped everything to knit furiously to get those numbers figured out. I should have the second sock done by the next time I record – it’s the project I’ve been throwing in my bag to take to work and about with.

Alumni Roster 

Yes, I know, this is both a Current Roster and Alumni Roster project, but it really is the only way I’ll have anything for this section, lol. So, I started the Barn Raising Quilt. Since it’s made from individual squares, each square is an FO to me. 🙂 This episode’s square was out of String Theory Colorworks Resonance Self-Striping yarn. I forget the actual name of the color, but I know that fibre space was calling it fibre girl at one time.

Scouting Report: The All-Enabling Episode 

  • SW Twist Sock Yarn from Storied Yarns in Ten and Eleven.
  • 1 skein of Sparkle Gnome in Butterbeer, 1 skein each of the House Gnome in Bertie Bott’s and Arthur Weasley from GnomeAcres.
  • 2 sets of rolags from Dripping Fiber Studios.
  • 3 braids of fiber (2 BFL, 1 Rambouillet) from Cloudlover.
  • 2 braids of fiber (1 mixed BFL, 1 Polwarth) from Highland Handmades.
  • 10 skeins of the 80/10/10 (Merino, Nylon, Cashmere) from madelinetosh as part of the Magnolia Society club.

Stick Handling 

So, I’ve actually been spinning – mostly because… I GOT A WHEEL!!! WOOT! So excited. Emily from the Whatcha Swatchin’ podcast was selling hers and I had the good luck to be the first to respond. She’s wonderful. It’s been a fun few days getting to know her and get used to her. I’ve been spinning through Tour de Fleece for the Knit Me Sassy and Highland Handmades teams and I’m loving it. I’ve become a bit more consistent, though the singles are still full of over and underspun spots. So far, I’ve spun the remainder of a braid of Highland Handmades mixed BFL (about 1.25 oz) and a braid of the Highland Handmades Polwarth in the Not Soon Effaced colorway.

What’s Making Me Happy 

I did this completely off-the-cuff, so other than George being all right and safe and sound, I have no recollection of what I said. 🙂

Have a great week, everyone! See you next time!



2 thoughts on “Episode 18: Meet the ‘Bug!

  1. I am a beginning knitter and I also sew dolls. I started watching your podcast while working on a doll. This is my way of having company and it is the only way I will get out to the garage and start a project.( I love sewing the dolls but not working in the garage)

    Anyway I’ve been working my way back on your podcast so I am now up to the 12th episode and have been enjoying it very much. Sorry I can’t say anything about hockey but if you would like the surf report from Hawaii I can accommodate.

    Love your podcast. Please stay real and not sell out to becoming to chummy with companies that start to ply you with yarn. Your personality keeps me coming back.
    Aloha from Hawaii
    Karen Awong

  2. As with the actual Doctors, I LOVE Ten and Eleven is…alright. Of course, that probably means there are lots of things I like about Eleven but it’s just not Ten.

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