Episode 19: A Short One

Hey everyone, it’s me again! Yes, I know it’s been FOREVER since I last updated, but, well, life got crazy again. (Of course, right?) Last Friday was my birthday and it was a great birthday – it was quiet, but awesome. I’ll have the crazy-ridiculous fun with my friends in the wilds of PA this weekend, like I do every year.

Remember, there is a prize giveaway for showing off your finished socks in the Ravelry group (www.ravelry.com/groups/sheepish-podcast) – there are only 19 entries in there so far, so your chances of winning are good… Just sayin’. Speaking of that thread, a couple of things:

  1. I will close it on August 1 and open up the August thread. I’ll pull for the prize the next time I record.
  2. What do you think about chatter in the thread? I don’t mind it, but what about you guys?
  3. The winner will need to get in touch with me (of course I’ll PM you first) and let me know what colors you love. Personalized prizes FTW!

It’s a short episode this week (under 30 minutes!), with different formatting (no episode titles) because I recorded right before work and am editing here. (Shhh, don’t tell! LOL)

Current Roster 

  • Bowties are Cool socks by Mandie Harrington. I finally picked these up again and what do you know? That resulted in a HO! Woot! I started on the second sock immediately after and am almost through the leg.
  • Bondi Socks by me. after finishing the first Bowties are Cool sock, I started working on this one. The first sock is an almost HO (still needs to be kitchenered). I did experiment with two different types of DPNs on this one – the Karbonz and the Signatures. Apparently, I knit looser on the Karbonz than I do the Signatures.

Alumni Roster 

THEY ARE DONE!! Yes, the Allons-y Socks I designed are finally knit… though the pattern is still not published. I need to do some math, as I am offering 3 sizes and the heel math is a bit different for all of them, but it’s almost ready to go. I’ll post when it’s ready!

Stick Handling 

(Has anyone come up with a better hockey-themed name for this one?) I have wanted to spin ALL. THE. THINGS. OMG, it’s taken huge willpower to not go out and buy EVERYTHING to spin. Question for those of you who love to spin Loop batts – do you spin from the bag or pull out a sizeable length and pull it apart and spin from that? I was having the worst time spinning directly from the batt in bag.

What’s Making Me Happy 

  • Going camping next weekend!
  • The Zombies, Run 5K app – I never thought I’d run ever in my life. While I still hate running, the app makes it less hateful.

Remember to enter those last minute July socks into the thread! I’ll see you in August and will pull for a prize then.



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