Episode 27: Catching Up

Hello everyone! How have you been? It seems like it’s been an age since we last talked. We had a few days of fall and now winter has decided to hit us in the DC area (which means no snow and bitter cold – though not as cold as some). I’m recording from a different location today: my office.

Current Roster 

  • Hiro by Julia Farwell-ClayNot a lot of progress has been made on this, mostly because I’m in the slog of one color now and it’s just not exciting. If I sat down to work on it, it wouldn’t take that long to knit the body… I need to concentrate on this one for awhile, since it’s my Fall Into Color KAL project!
  • Level Up Socks by Heather Monroe Kinne. Knitting this out of Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock in the Old Appliances colorway on US1.5s. The cable is a bit fiddly, but I am knitting these without a cable needle – those just slow me down. I love how the pattern is showing up in the yarn – it just pops! I’m not a fan of short row heels, but Heather’s idea of adding a tiny gusset on the instep stitches is brilliant.
  • Simple Stripey Socks by me. Knitting this out of Yarn vs. Zombies Haunted base in the Monster Movie Night colorway. These are so much fun! These have been my hockey knitting, purse knitting, Doctor Who knitting…
  • Eugenia’s Mittens by Mollie Woodworth. After a beloved pair of mittens were felted, I decided I needed a new pair… of the same mittens. I grabbed a skein of madelinetosh Vintage left over from my Narragansett sweater and cast on. So far, so good – of course, I’m only in the first few rows of ribbing. Heh.

Alumni Roster 

  • Rose Needs a Hat by Jessica Cook. You never saw this one on the needles – it got cold and I decided that I needed a new hat… by the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. (What? It’s totally Rose Tyler related. LOL) Knit out of Malabrigo Arroyo in the Pocion colorway on US5s.

Scouting Report: Stash Enhancement 

  • Socks that Rock Lightweight in Christmas Balls, Currier and Ives, and Black Magic.
  • My 2 Crafty Girls shipment from Unwind Yarn Company in Hieroglyphics
  • My final shipment in the Geek Treat yarn club from Yarn vs. Zombies (Doctor Who themed, natch) in the Silurian colorway.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas wedge bag from JessaLu.

What’s Making Me Happy 

  • The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, naturally! I have spent the entire week and weekend geeking out over Doctor Who and I’ve loved it. 🙂

Have a great week, everyone! Have a happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you all next time!


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