Episode 33: All About the Enhancement

Hi everyone! How have you been? It’s been busy and stressful here, but that’s par for the course lately. (Thank goodness y’all still like me, right?) So, I know that you’re here for the knitting… and maybe a couple of prizes, so… let’s get started!

What’s New Chez Sheepish? 

There were TWO prizes to draw for today! I mentioned last time I recorded that I was going to draw for both January and February prizes today since I wanted to get out the other prizes first (which I did), so I made sure to do that first thing! Congratulations to the winners – thanks so much for your participation and your socks? They are GORGEOUS. Enough said. 🙂

Current Roster 

  • Kennebec by Dawn Catanzaro. I’ve made some progress on this one, but I’m not enjoying it. Brioche rib and me, well, we don’t get along. It’s in a temporary time out, but I do need to get it done sooner rather than later – I think I’m going to need to rip out (or tink back – eek!) a few rows. *sigh*
  • Monkey Socks by Cookie A. I cast on for the second sock last night and made my way through a quarter of the ribbing. I actually made a lot of progress on this tonight, but y’all will see that next time I record.
  • Albers Cowl by Ann Weaver. I’ve almost completed my David Tennant square, hooray! I’ve picked up the final yarn that I need for the Matt Smith square and hope to be started on that by the time I record. Send good vibes! (Just in time for the warm weather, of course.) This has been great hockey knitting and we’ve got a busy schedule coming up, so hopefully, I’ll get this done sooner rather than later!
  • Hiro by Julia Farwell-ClayI haven’t touched this since the last time I recorded. 😦 I’ll get back to it, but it holds no appeal right now.

Scouting Report 

I hope everyone has a great week! Knit, stitch, and crochet on!


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