Tutorial #1: How to Put Waste Yarn in for an Afterthought Heel

Hi everyone! I’ve been promising tutorials forever and since I’ve started a Socks 201 class teaching toe-up, fingering weight socks with an afterthought heel, I thought what better technique to start off with!

Yes, I know putting waste yarn in is stupid-easy for most people, but think back to when you did your first afterthought heel – were you as confident then that the yarn would really do what it’s supposed to? Were you confident that the waste yarn would stay? Right, I didn’t think so. πŸ˜‰

Why an afterthought heel (or what some call a “forethought” heel since you’re placing waste yarn in)? If you’re anal-retentive about stripes matching up and not disrupting a stripe pattern, this is a great way of adding your heel in… later. If you’re not a fan of the heel flap heel or don’t like how the short row heel fits on you, then this is a great option! You can add extra depth to this heel, or conversely, you can make it relatively shallow. For me, most short row heels are too shallow for my heel, so this is a great option for me.

I’ll be following this tutorial up with one on how to pick out the waste yarn and get the afterthought heel stitches back on to needles and how to get started on that heel, complete with instructions on kitchenering the stitches together.

For now, I’ll keep the tutorials just on YouTube. Let me know what you think! If you have any questions, or have a technique you’d like to see demonstrated, leave a comment here or on the Ravelry group!

4 thoughts on “Tutorial #1: How to Put Waste Yarn in for an Afterthought Heel

    • Hi there! I’ve been told that a lot. I think that it’s because I make such small movements when I’m knitting. When I knit Continental, my movements are so much bigger, lol. πŸ™‚

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