Episode 42: You Guys Make Me Happy

Hi everyone. It’s been a few weeks (again), thanks for hanging in there!

What’s Happening Chez Sheepish?

  • Since it’s the middle of the month, I’ve decided to make the June socks thread into one for June and July. Hooray! More chances to win, right? (Just humor me on this, lol.)
  • For those of you participating in the Summer Knitting CAL, thank you! There are some truly talented people in this group – I am in awe of what y’all are doing this summer (or winter, whatever). Remember, there’s a sweater’s worth of yarn up for grabs in this CAL… 😉

Current Roster

  • Collywobbles Socks by Emily Estrada. I am knitting these out of Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock in the Though She Be But Little colorway. I HAVE A HO!! Woot! I cast on for the second sock immediately after kitchenering the toe of the first. I will be interested to see how these wear – they are super-snug (not uncomfortably so), the bottom gusset heel flap was interesting to knit, I certainly like it better than dealing with decreasing along a side gusset… 🙂
  • Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon-Osborn. Knit out of Fiber Optic’s Paintbox Gradients in the Lime – Rose colorway. I will be running out of yarn momentarily – but luckily, I found the perfect yarn to continue on! I’ll be using Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn in the Poison colorway – it’s like it was made for this paintbox. Of course I haven’t joined it in yet, I could be wrong, but it certainly looks perfect.

Scouting Report

It’s all about the club yarns, folks! I’m going to include a picture as the featured picture for the post, so you should take a look! 😉

  • Two shipments from Dizzy Blonde Studios for the Mean Girls Yarn Club! Both are her 100% Merino Superwash Sock base. One for “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” and one for “Fatal Attraction”. Awesome.
  • My June shipment from Highland Handmaids for the Snapshots From Maine yarn club – LOVE!!

What’s Making Me Happy

  • You. You guys make me happy. I am a lucky girl.
  • New-to-me podcasts to listen to! Currently I’ve added Stitch Party, The Stitch Sisters, and Stitches ‘n YOs (it earns its explicit tag – no children should listen to this one). I’ve linked to their pages in iTunes, to make it easy for those of you using their podcast app.
  • Elly and Dave from FO & Dye are having a sale in their Etsy shop – stop by to check it out and use this code: RETREAT20. They are raising funds to send Elly to a retreat that will help her health, so buy them out of yarn!

Have a great week (or two) everyone!



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