Episode 44: Monagamish?

Hi everyone! It’s been a little while since we last chatted. A lot has happened since then, I’ve had a birthday, been to a wedding, got to spend two back to back weekends with my bestie, went out to Signature Theatre to see one of my favorite shows (I have many of those)… and lots of work, of course.

I draw for the June/July Socks, Socks, Socks! thread AND there’s a coupon code to use toward my Allons-y pattern in celebration of the new season of Doctor Who starting on August 23! Just enter “Capaldi” (without the quotes, natch) into the coupon code area and you’ll get 20% off of that pattern until 11:59 PM on August 23.

Current Roster

  • Collywobbles Socks by Emily Estrada. The socks are coming slowly, but surely. The second sock is well past the heel and over halfway down the foot! I can’t just take these anywhere with me, though (I keep screwing up the pattern if I do), so that slows down progress. I am so looking forward to when they are done!
  • Simple Vanilla Sock. This has been pretty strictly purse/car knitting (only when I’m at a full stop, I promise!), so not much progress has been made, but I’m sure that once the Collywobbles are done, I’ll give these some more attention. Maybe they’ll start living in my office for webinars?
  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. I just cast these on, in my See Jayne Knit sock yarn in the 12th Doctor colorway. Hopefully, I’ll get some work on these while I’m at the computer…
  • Snapshots from Maine blanket… 2nd Incarnation. I’ve gotten some good feedback on the variegation with the lace – so I knit a second block. 🙂

Alumni Roster

  • Springtime Bandit by Kate Gagnon-Osborn. It’s done, done, done and I love it! Much longer than expected and it’s perfect. Nine repeats of the body and one of the border on US6 needles. LOVE IT.

Scouting Report

Have a great week, everyone! I’m hoping to record next week, so I’ll see you then! Keep knitting, stitching, crocheting, and spinning on!


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