Episode 47: A Little Sad

Hi everyone, I know that I’ve been pretty scarce for the last three weeks… sorry about that. You’ll understand why when you watch – here’s a warning, though: if you do not want to hear about a beloved pet passing away and or seeing me upset/crying, you will want to skip that part. Look for the pop-up on the screen and then fast forward to 31:29. (I totally understand if you don’t want to hear about that, I really do. xoxo)

What’s Happening Chez Sheepish?

Winners! We’ve got winners! 🙂 Yes, I’m finally getting around to pulling for the Socks thread and for the Summer Craftalong! Will the winners please get in touch with me and give me their info and I’ll get stuff out to them ASAP? 🙂

Current Roster

  • July Socky-socks – The first sock is almost done and should be a HO by next week. The August socks haven’t been touched, boo.
  • Shorty 2.0 Baby Blanket – All of my squares are done and will be washed and blocked shortly; when my bestie’s squares arrive, I’ll get to sewing these blocks together! 🙂
  • Building Blocks for the Shop – 3 out of 4 squares done out of Rowan Pure Wool.

Scouting Report

  • Snapshots from Maine yarn club offering for August. Heather has done it again and created a lovely colorway. 🙂 I can’t wait to get back to my blanket so I can knit this up!
  • End of Summer Playlist fibers from Hobbledehoy and Gourmet Stash… you know how happy this makes me! 😉

I know that the notes this week are scarce – but it’s been a crazy few weeks. I’ll see you next week (hopefully)!

Keep knitting, stitching, spinning, and crocheting on!


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