Episode 48: Fall = Knitting

No show notes until later – I recorded this at work… shhhhh! 😉

Okay, I didn’t realize just how bad the editing software and camera/computer FUBAR-ed the audio/video sync (it would not let me check, grrrr), so I suggest that you just not even watch and play it in the background. My voice isn’t bad, right? LOL.  I am soooooo sorry about this, guys. I tried to record again tonight using my DSLR, but that won’t let me record anything longer than 5 minutes at a time. (WTF? That just seems wrong – and I can’t figure out how to record longer.) I tried to fix the audio, but 3 hours later and I’m still fiddling with the audio timeline. You have no clue how sorry I am about this. I wanted to pull this down immediately, but since I’d already put it up, I decided to leave it up. I may change my mind tomorrow. We’ll see.


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