Episode 53: Hello Again

Hello, loves! It’s been far too long. How can it actually be the end of March?!?! Yes, I know that I last recorded (and posted) at Thanksgiving – I didn’t mean to be away for so long. Thanks to all of you who are still here and who have sent me kind words and wished me well. Things have been crazy at work, but hopefully, I can start making the time to record again. My fingers are crossed that I can get back on a schedule! This is a shorter episode – a little less than a half hour – just so I can get my feet back under me. No, I’m not going to talk about all the stash enhancement because that would make this much too long. LOL! 😉

Current Roster

  • Debaser Shawl by Meghan Jackson. This is being knit on US9s and US11s (for the lace) out of my handspun. The handspun is a Loop batt that I picked up ages ago and has been sitting in my stash for over a year now. I know it’s about 180 yds, but I need to look back in my various notebooks to see if I wrote down the actual yardage… This is part of the Into the Wool retreat KAL, I need to make some progress on this if I want to be done by April 9! 🙂
  • Second Story Tee by Debbie O’Neill. This is the spring KAL for my LYS, fibre space from the Spring 2015 Interweave Knits. I’m knitting this out of Hempathy on US4s. I’m getting a solid 6 sts to the inch on it instead of the specified gauge, but I’ve done the math and it should work. We’ll see… It’s a lot of rib, so I will either zip right through this or I’ll get bored. Keep your fingers crossed that I zip through it all!

Alumni Roster

  • Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder. Knit out of the Twelfth Doctor colorway from See Jayne Knit on US1.5s. I finished this on New Year’s Day, right after my bestie and I got home so we could watch the Winter Classic on TV. What? Doesn’t everyone go to a game then come home to watch the same game from different angles? LOL
  • Simple Stripey Socks by Me! These are my typical toe-up, 64 st pattern where I try my hardest to match up the stripes. Yes, I’m anal-retentive like that at times. I LOVE these socks! They are out of Gynx Yarns Strong Sock in the House Cup colorway. (Of course I had to snag a skein, they’re right in my geekdom wheelhouse.)

See, I told you that this was a short one today. It felt good to record and get that first one done, so hooray! Hopefully, I can get back on a schedule of some sort, but I’ll record when I can! Until next time, then…

Keep knitting, spinning, stitching, and crocheting on!



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