Episode 54: What, Again?

Hello again, everyone! The title for today’s episode is more of a tongue-in-cheek, “hey, you did this a few weeks ago, you’re doing it again?” – LOL. There’s not too much to talk about today (just over 30 minutes worth of stuff), but you know that I can talk. 😉

What’s Happening Chez Sheepish?

I will be heading to Maryland Sheep & Wool with Michelle again this year. In case you don’t know, MDSW is always the first week in May, this year it’s on May 2nd & 3rd. If you’re going to be there and see me, say hi!! I’ll have buttons (not that I think a lot of people will ask, lol) to give out – and I’m a hugger. Just to put that out there. 🙂 Monica, Christine, and Heather will be heading down from Maine to see us… um, I mean, to see the festival. That’s right. I will be trying not to spend a lot of money since I have sooooo much fibre and yarn – we’ll see how that goes.

Current Roster

  • Second Story Tee by Debbie O’Neill. This is the spring KAL for my LYS, fibre space from the Spring 2015 Interweave Knits. I’m knitting this out of Hempathy on US4s. I’ve made some solid progress on this, but not nearly enough to be done by the end of the month. (Michelle, you’ll be wearing yours alone at MDSW, lol. There will not be crazypants knitting to have something new to wear. I promise.)
  • Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang. I felt that since I’ve been posting about it on IG, that I should actually show it to y’all. This is slow going, but it’s making for ideal hockey knitting! (Yay for the playoffs!)
  • Audrey by Jane Richmond. This has been on the needles for a while now, I’m only just admitting to it, though. LOL! This is being knit out of madeline tosh 80/10/10 Fingering in the Sketchbook colorway. Sketchbook has a tendency to read either charcoal grey or a grey-purple depending on the light. Either way this is gorgeous. It’s being knit on my Signature US3s. I don’t know that I’ll be making any progress on this for a while, but it’s there.
  • Molly Brown Socks by Anne Podlesak. I am using my Highland Handmades Color Study Club yarn for this one – the tonal colors should set off the cabling nicely. Once I get to the cabling. The cabling is inspired by the Grand Staircase on the Titanic – if you don’t know Molly Brown’s story (she was a real person!), you should check it out. She was an amazing woman – and not just for her bravery that night on the Titanic.

Alumni Roster

  • Debaser Shawl by Meghan Jackson. This was part of the Into the Wool retreat KAL – I finished it with a couple days to spare, hooray! I ran out of yarn in the lace bit, however, I grabbed some madeline tosh vintage in Antique Lace and finished up easily.

It was another short one today, some of you are probably really happy about that, I bet! Haha! Have a great week!

Keep knitting, spinning, stitching, and crocheting on!


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