Episode 17: Startitis

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week… mine, well, it could have been better, but I’ve had some really good parts, too! Not a whole lot of knitting progress has happened around these parts, but that’s because I was working hard on finishing the Finishing Project of Doom – which is finally done! Hooray!

Current Roster 

  • Allons-y! Socks by me. I’m still working on these, I didn’t really touch them at all this week – just a couple rows here and there.
  • Bowties are Cool by Mandie Harrington. I didn’t touch these at all this week. Honestly, I’m kind of bored with these, but I’m not ready to call it a day. Also, I really need to find the other half of the ball of yarn! I have no clue where it might be…
  • Lacy Batwing Top by Brooke Nico. I hate how this is styled and is photographed in Vogue Knitting, however, I do like the projects that have shown up on Rav. I’m making a few mods in the needle sizes: US2.5 and US3s instead of US2 and US4s. I’m using the Tess’s Designer Yarns Silk & Ivory that Michelle gifted me after Sheep & Wool this year. OMG, it’s gorgeous knit up and soooo soft.
  • Bondi Socks by me. I started teaching my top-down knitting class and I designed this pattern to use with the class. I don’t always knit a pair of socks (much less my own) while teaching, but it had been a while and I wanted to use some stashed yarn. I’m knitting this on US1.5s and with madeline tosh tosh sock in Seawash. I’m not very far, but the yarn and needles make it go so quickly. These probably won’t be for me, unless they don’t fit the intended recipient. Heh.

Scouting Report: Review 

When my LYS, fibre space, sent an email out saying they had the Knitters Pride Karbonz Interchangeables in stock, I knew I had to try them out. I immediately called the shop and had them hold a set for me to buy. I’ve grown to like the Karbonz – they are super light weight (which is really nice when you’ve got a weighty project on the needles) and the smaller sizes have pointier tips than the larger sizes. I’m fairly skeptical of interchangeables – I had a bad experience with the KnitPicks needles early on in my knitting career (they never stayed together), but I love the idea of them. I’ve had these since Saturday and I love them so far. While I can feel the joins when I run my finger over them, it’s such a small thing and doesn’t bother my yarn at all. I haven’t had one instance of them coming undone – and I’ve put them through their paces.

What’s Making Me Happy 

  • Hockey is still making me happy, even if my beloved Caps crapped the bed early on. Right now, the Boston Bruins are handing Pittsburgh their butts, so that makes me happy. Actually, I’ll be thrilled if the Chicago Blackhawks win it all. *keeping the fingers crossed*
  • I started a new sock class this week – it’s been a while since I’ve taught, so it’s awesome to have a new class in the new fibre space teaching area. I’ve got a beginning knitting class and another sock class starting this weekend, so I’m excited!
  • Mom comes home on the 9th. I can’t wait to see the pictures and video she’s taken on her trip. We’ve missed her a lot around these parts – especially Daddy, of course.
  • I may be the new owner of a Ladybug wheel! WOOT! I managed to catch a podcaster’s update about wanting to sell and I was on that immediately. I even managed to convince Daddy to help me out with it as an early birthday gift. Hopefully, it will be mine in 2-3 weeks!!!

I hope everyone has a great week – I’ll see you next time!

xo, Holly