Episode 57: Another KAL, Not Enough Time

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a good couple of weeks since we last talked! It’s been busy in my life, as usual – but the holiday weekend has provided me with ample opportunities to sleep in, so that’s been nice. 🙂 This week’s episode is about a half-hour long, so enjoy!

Current Roster

  • Second Story Tee by Debbie O’Neill. I haven’t made all that much progress on this one, but that’s because the fiber content is unforgiving to my hands. I need to suck it up and just keep going so I have a finished garment… I’m only about 150ish rows from finishing the front – I think. I can do this!!
  • Simple Stripey Sock by me. These are being knit out of Lollipop Yarns Traditional Sock in the Wild Thing colorway. This has been moved into my Bird Leg Bags bag because I am using this as a project for the Spotlight KAL #3 for the Into the Wool retreat – this should get me 2 points, at least! This has been car knitting lately, but it should go into my purse for anytime knitting.
  • Duane Park Triangle by Kirsten Kapur. This is the June KAL for my LYS, fibre space. Kick off actually started today, I think, so I didn’t start all that early, but I’m not in it for a prize, so it’s all good. 🙂 I’m also using this for the Spotlight KAL #3 – we can submit as many projects as we like because we’re earning points for our house. This should get me two more points since I’m using two skeins of Highland Handmades for this one: a skein of White Maple Sock in Khorasan and a skein of Silver Maple Sock in Should You Need Us. I’m using US6s instead of the pattern’s called for US7s – this means I’ll run out of the MC (the Khorasan), so I’ll probably try to cobble together a size between the large and medium sizes.
  • Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang. I didn’t talk about this one, but I’ve worked on a couple more squares. This is going to be a LOOOOOONG-term project.

Alumni Roster

  • I’ve finally finished my Biscotte et Cie striped socks that I knit last May! I’ve had the heel of the second sock to knit and I finally picked them up to finish. This was in the “Princesse et les 7 Mailes” colorway, which I think loosely translates to “Snow White and the 7 Dwarves” (yes, very loosely translates, I know). Knowing that people have had issues with uber-fading from this company’s yarns in the past, I’ll knit a couple of base squares for my blanket and wash them in a couple of different ways to see if there’s any appreciable fading. If so, I’ll do the citric acid treatment on them, but if not, I won’t.

What’s Making Me Happy

  • Well, I started with a bit of a rant. I’m not going into it here. *sigh* I admit that being PMS-y, that I could totally be reading the tweet that started it wrong, but I still had to say something.
  • Go Tampa Bay Lightning! You’re one win away from taking down the Rangers! 😉 Meh, I’ll be rooting for Western Conference team anyway… Come on Anaheim and Chicago, tell me who I’m rooting for! (I love both teams – the coach for Anaheim used to be our coach and I will always adore him… and I just can’t hate the Blackhawks.)

Have a great week, everyone! I’ll see you next time!

Keep stitching, crocheting, spinning, and knitting on!


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