Episode 31: Camera Issues

Hi everyone! How have you been?? This is take two – actually take 3, but I left in the first bit from take 2, so that stands. 🙂 Camera and computer issues caused me to have to record multiple times, so I’m fairly happy that it finally worked (or at least seemed to) on this try. It’s been a heck of a week, so having this weekend off has been quite nice. With a third take, this has turned into a short episode – only 23ish minutes! (The first recording was 40 minutes. Oy.)

What’s Happening Chez Sheepish? 

We’re at 175 members in the Rav group! Hooray! Remember, when we get to 200, there will be a membership drawing… If you’re not a member on Rav, why not? Join today! (If you don’t have an account on Rav, that’s another matter altogether. You should change that. 🙂 )

Current Roster

  • Hiro by Julia Farwell-ClayI finally pulled this out and started working on it during this past week. (If you follow me on Instagram, you have proof, lol.) I’ve only knit an inch, but that inch is an important start! It’s too big to take around with me, so it’s been relegated to bedtime knitting.
  • Albers Cowl by Ann Weaver. I started this on Friday after a uber-nerdy thought that a Doctor Who themed Albers Cowl was something that I needed in my life. It’s garter stitch, so it’s a fast knit – I knit the majority of the block I’m working on during last night’s Caps v Habs game. (It’s proven lucky, so it’s good hockey knitting.) I’ve meant to make this for a while now, but couldn’t think of a color scheme until now. New yarn was purchased and I’ll be using yarn from stash as well, so there’s that. 🙂

Alumni Roster

  •  Simple Stripey Socks by Me. These are finished and off the needles. I love these socks with a love that is unholy. They are almost perfect matches and that delights me to no end. They fit perfectly and… wow. I knit these toe up, using a 2-1 toe increase and increased to 64 stitches, using the techniques for a Fish Lips Kiss heel and a 2×2 rib at the top. They are taller than I normally wear, but I wanted to use up as much of the yarn as possible. These were knit out of Yarn vs Zombies Haunted base in the Monster Movie Night colorway on US1.5 needles.

Scouting Report: Stash Enhancement 

  • 2 Crafty Girls yarn club. This month was a still life by Matisse. How can you not love that?
  • 2 skeins of Silver Maple Sock in The Holly colorway from Highland Handmades. It’s got my name in the colorway – how could I resist?!?!
  • Various skeins of yarn for the Albers Cowl… too many to list, really. 🙂

Random… I need a title for this segment – anyone have ideas? 

I’ve decided to jump back into a large, year-long cross-stitch project with both feet. I am joining in The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Once Upon a Time stitchalong. I’ve almost got the January block done, then I’ll work on the border until I get the February pattern. I love how this is turning out – it just makes me so darn happy! I love the idea of a mystery stitchalong… I can do this, right??

What’s Making Me Happy 

  • I got to meet Emily from fibretown on Friday at fibre space! She is just as wonderful in person as she is on the podcast. Love. 🙂
  • Michelle’s book launch was fabulous and a lot of fun!! I am so proud of her. If you are interested in getting your hands on a copy of the book (and I think everyone should – yes, I’m a friend, but I’m also a book fan and this was great), you can get one at: https://squareup.com/market/michelle-whittaker.
  • My Caps actually showing up to play last night! After 7 games of, at best, meh playing, we dominated last night and won. Now we just need to keep doing that through the end of the season… 😉

Have a great week, y’all! I’ll see you next time!