Episode 56: Happy Mothers Day!

Hello, loves. A happy Mothers Day to one and all today! I hope that you have some lovely things planned for today! Me, just recording, laundry, teaching, and hockey watching. 🙂 My dad and I gave Momma her gift yesterday… you can see that in the featured image above (in Rav) and on the homepage (on the blog).

Current Roster

  • Second Story Tee by Debbie O’Neill. I have a HO!! The back is complete and the front has been cast on, hooray! I need to get cracking on this one if I want to wear it this “Spring”, lol!
  • Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang. I haven’t worked on this at all this week, but I’ll be pulling this out during tonight’s game. We’ll see what kind of luck it brings us. 🙂
  • Simple Stripey Sock by me. I cast this one on to have something to work on whilst at MDSW. Simple toe-up construction, stockinette stitch. The perfect mindless project!
  • Molly Brown Socks by Anne Podlesak. This was ripped out. I kept getting annoyed with the pattern and didn’t want to hate the yarn bc of it. I love this yarn – it will have to be used for something. 🙂

Alumni Roster

My crazypants knitting for this year’s MDSW was finished, just in the nick of time! The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, knit out of my own handspun. LOVE IT. I made it a repeat and a half larger than the pattern called for.

I blather on about a ton more stuff on the actual podcast, so go and watch! 😉

Have a great week, darlings! Keep knittting, stitching, crocheting, and spinning on!


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